An appendix to Zoe Dewitt (Zero Kama)  performance for his Reality Raum Residenz, Austria
Video made in Brussels for Zoe
Performative Thinking Acts - the Wish was a durational performance by Zoe DeWitt, realised from April 8th till 14th 2013 at Reality Raum Residenz, an online artist residency hosted by Anna Khodorkovskaya. The conditions of the project included that people could watch the artist’s activity 24 hours a week via internet live stream. The artist was not allowed to leave the room of the residency, except for toilet and bathroom. During the time of the residency Zoe prepared a lecture with the title ‘Performative Thinking Acts: the Wish’ which was held on the last day. In this lecture Zoe gave an introduction to her philosophy which is about desire and its fulfilment in reality. Each day was structured like a TV program: After her working hours (10 – 15 am) Zoe did four psychoanalytical sessions (“Zoe on the Couch”), at prime time Zoe invited expert guests such as philosophers, psychoanalysts and quantum physicists to discuss her ideas (“Talk with Zoe”). Besides there were performances such as late night striptease shows or live concerts via skype by friends of Zoe from the international music scene. The concept of being watched was radicalised by Zoe with additional cameras and beamers, which facilitated also the streaming of videos from the bathroom and the full screen projection of close-ups and liquid light shows.
Participating artists and scientists were: Bernadette Anzengruber, Berivan Sayici, das_em, Drugs for Drunks (Mexico), Gruppe Uno Wien, Noah Holtwiesche, JGRUU and Molusco Estrobiscopico (Peru), Anna Khodorkovskaya, Veronika Merklein, Mushy, Na Super, Yoel Regev (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Mirjam Schweiger, Shazzula (Belgium), Ruby Sircar, Victor Skersis (Moscow/New York), Sophia Süßmilch, Tanja Traxler (University of Vienna), Eva Laquieze-Waniek (University of Vienna), Vlubä (Argentina).
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