JULY 2024:  
- Making of  "The Cromlech Dance", Scotland 

Here a shot of the Team with the Tsam Dancers, Mongolia during the making of "The Essor/ L'Envol"

- Working on Visuals for Wolvennest next album/ video        
  together with Mothmeister
APRIL 2023:  
- Official release of  THE RADIANT LIGHT (Van Records/De):  "How To Leave This World In Peace"
   Chorus for  the song "How To Leave This World In Peace" together with Corvus.
OCTOBER 2022:  
- Official release of  the Music video for MIRROR QUEEN (Tee Pee Records/Usa):  "A Rider On The Rain"
- Screening of:  "Visions Partielles De L'Enfer IV" diffusé pour l'expo de départ de mon ancien professeur et collègue: Denis Derudder, La Cambre 
JULY 2022:  
- Making of  the Music video for MIRROR QUEEN (Tee Pee Records/Usa):  "A Rider On The Rain"
--> filming will take place in Bordeaux (FR), Romania, Czech Republic,      Germany, Belgium
- "Visions Partielles De L'Enfer, Part IV"  :  Official selection in KVIFF for 3 screenings / Worldwide Premieres
    Karlovy Vary International Film Festival : 
    IMAGINA selection (short experimental), Czech Republic
JUNE 2022/ 
- Official Film Release of "Visions Partielles De L'Enfer IV" ​​​​​​​
APRIL 2022/
- The Making of  "Visions Partielles De L'Enfer V", Belgium ​​​​​​​
- Official Music Video release  of  "Destruction" by Susanna, Norway  ​​​​​​​

- Official Film Release of "Acid Babylon 2"   in which I am collaborating (vocals, acting)
- The Official End of BLACK MASS RISING Label (2011-2022)
- OCTOBER : Official Music Video Release of HerFault -  "Dulle Griet" 
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